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The Communications Service of Tajikistan summed up the results of the first half of the year: Ilkhom Atoev spoke about the acceleration of the Internet in the country and named the number of mobile users. In Tajikistan, for 6 months of 2022, the speed of the Internet has increased. This was announced during a press conference by Deputy Head of the Communications Service of the Republic Ilkhom Atoev. For 6 months of 2022, we brought the speed of the incoming Internet in Tajikistan to 100 Gb / s, and it was 70 Gb / s,” he said. According to Atoev, today the number of Internet users in the country has more than 4 million people. He also said that from January to June the number of mobile communication users in the republic reached almost 8 million. Of these, about 5.5 million are active.

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In early April, the speed of mobile Internet was increased in 14 regions of the country. Representatives of MegaFon Tajikistan specified that the new stations, which will improve 4G technology, can operate on two frequencies at once. The expansion of the network was carried out primarily in areas with a high population density. Thus, about 30 base stations of the companies appeared in Dushanbe, Varzob, Vahdat, Gissar districts and the city of Tursunzade. In the north of the country, in the Sughd region, the speed of mobile Internet has been increased in Penjikent, Guliston, Ayni and Zafarabad districts.

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And in the south – in the Khatlon region, in the regional centers of Yavan, Farkhor, Balkh, Muminabad and Ismoili Somoni.

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