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World experts assessed the quality of the Internet in Tajikistan according to several criteria DUSHANBE, Oct 4 — Sputnik. Tajikistan was included in the Digital Quality Index (DQL) rating. However, the republic scored bad results. The rating includes 110 countries, and Tajikistan took 104th place in it. According to the study, the country was ranked 80th in terms of Internet accessibility, 93rd in e-security and 105th in e-government.

In terms of the development of digital infrastructure and the quality of the Internet, the republic is ranked 107th and 103rd, respectively. The compilers of the rating noted that of all the countries of Central Asia, Tajikistan has the worst connection to the Network. This is confirmed by the speed of mobile Internet. It has only 12.63 megabits per second – one of the lowest data transfer rates in the world. Things are much better with broadband Internet access. As part of this indicator, Tajikistan ranked 77th.

Access to the network in the country is about 70 percent worse than the world average. According to the ranking, the countries with the highest scores are located in Europe. The first place for the second year in a row is occupied by Denmark, and the second and third by South Korea and Finland. At the end of the list were Ethiopia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Guatemala and Angola.

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