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The authorities of the republic are planning to make electric cars more accessible to residents of the country

In Tajikistan, amendments to the Tax Code of the country have been considered, which will exempt the import of electric vehicles from customs duties.

It is planned that on the basis of these changes, the import of electric vehicles, electric buses, trolleybuses and similar vehicles will be exempted from customs duties for a period of 10 years.

Such measures are aimed at the efficient use of the “green” economy, the widespread use of other renewable energy sources, environmental protection and improvement of the ecological situation in the country.

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Electric vehicles imported into Tajikistan will also be exempt from taxes, VAT and excise.

Earlier, Chair of the Energy Association of Tajikistan Rafika Musayeva said that the use of electric cars will help reduce Tajikistan’s greenhouse gas emissions, most of which now depend on road transport, by suspending the import of fuel for vehicles.

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It is worth noting that electric vehicles are assembled in neighboring countries, and taking into account regional production, their cost is quite low.

Consequently, such products can compete with the usual used foreign cars that are popular in the republic.

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