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Already in 2022, the IT-card of a labor migrant will replace their passports of workers of countries of origin and will be an identity document in the Russian Federation, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. President of the Federation of Migrants of Russia Vadim Kozhenov spoke about such changes in the migration policy of Russia. According to him, the reform legislation regarding migrants in the Russian Federation is being finalized, and by mid-2022 a new draft will be submitted to the State Duma “By the end of the year, with the adoption of the law, we will introduce a digital migrant IT card,” Kozhenov clarifies. On its own: Russia plans to abandon migrants in 2022, the head of the FMR added that the new IT card would be valid for 10 years throughout Russia, and a work patent for a foreigner would be tied to the region of issue.

In addition, Kozhenov promised that, according to the project, in 10 years the migrant’s IT card will become unlimited, provided that its owner does not record any violations. The President of the Federation of Migrants of the Russian Federation also said that electronic registers of employers are now being prepared and migrants. They must regulate the “digital” hiring of foreigners. “They don’t know the Russian language”: Russia has proposed teaching migrants in their homeland. If in 2020 there were more than 8.3 million people, then in 2021 the number of arrivals increased to 10.6 million migrants.

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